Compulsory piano section

One of the most beloved and popular subjects in music schools is the compulsory piano. According to the educational program, young talents must accompany the piano class before graduation. Because becoming a full-fledged professional musician is essential for mastering the keyboard.

As a result of the training, each student of the school will acquire the skills of playing the piano, remember and master a significant repertoire, including software in different styles and genres.

The history of compulsory piano in the school of A. Jubanov, in particular, is directly related to the name of Halima Saminovna Saminova. A year later, Inessa Isaakovna Rappoport became the leader. New leaders G. Alanazarova, L.B. Burtseva, S.Z. Ivanova aligned a clear training system, including specialists. Organized and developed a methodological and practical work plan. The first graduates showed good results in training. The work schedule is based on the program of the Central Music School in Moscow.

The curators of the department are teachers of the general piano department of the Almaty State Conservatory. Kurmangazy H.Saminova, G.D. Neykova, I.S. Stanishevskaya. They attended classes, lectured, and taught class hours. All these steps, in turn, were very useful for young professionals.

A successful start was continued later by the leading teachers of the conservatory. Kurmangazy K.A. Gospodar, T. Pilaeva, D. Aidarkhanov, S.M. Moldasheva. In subsequent years, the teaching staff was constantly updated. Talented young graduates carried away with work. Among them: L. N. Shcherbakova, T. M. Ernazarova, S. Kh. Dushanova, J. Omarova, M. I. Dyshisheva, B. T. Tulegenova, E. V. Shapovalova, B. M. Tokpanova, Shorabaeva A.B., Mashchanova S.Zh., Orymbaeva L.V., E.K. Zholymbetovs’. Teachers of the special piano department L. L. Minkina, E. S. Babikova, O. V. G.K. Saparova, G.A. Oinarbaev, G.T. Kozhakhmetova, B.A. Zhunusov and former school graduates Mukhatzhanova S.A., Samalova D.M., Abdrakhmanova S.K., Abaidildanova S.A. added young teachers.

With the opening of the school, all teachers, including employees of the compulsory piano department, will seek and find talented children throughout Kazakhstan. To this end, a mobile commission was created to defeat young talents. Currently, the department specialists are permanent consultants of entrance exams. The boys and girls who have passed the test will get acquainted with the works of Russian and European composers, as well as with the national heritage, and will develop the aspect of concert performance. During the first academic year, the First Step is carried out regularly. Themed concerts will be organized and graduates will perform. The department seeks to attract public attention with student reports. Since 2012, every year, December 1, the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a traditional full-time competition has been held in which only students of young teachers take part.

At the end of the year, teachers of the Kazakh National Conservatory named after Kurmangazy. At present, the curators of the department are teachers of the compulsory piano department of the conservatory: associate professor Mustafayeva A.I., associate professor Daukeeva D.T., associate professor Nurpeisova A.N. other.

It is worth noting that in recent years there has been a revival of blood and blood flow back to school. The pace of creative growth accelerated. In the compulsory piano lesson, students were asked to take first place at national and international competitions. During the preliminary selection, all issues will be resolved by reflection. Melkova G.A., Dushanova S.R., Dzhakeeva G.S. will help piano specialists.

Methodical work is one of the most important and responsible areas of the department. The head of the department was I.I, Rappoport for 20 years has been in control of the creative atmosphere of the team. The leading leaders of the following departments were Tokpanova B.M., Tulegenova B.T., Shapovalova E.V., Oinarbaeva G.A., Zaripova G.S., Zhunusov B.A., efforts to improve and improve the educational process.

Competition programs are approved for each class and year with the help of qualified teachers. There are open lessons and methodological news coverage. A special program has been developed for the department of choral conducting and theory.

In 2004, a set of plays for the piano was released, which included a program and a program called “Piano Play” prepared by teachers. Designed by E. Babkova, G. Oinarbayev. In 2005, a piano textbook was introduced in favor of children by A. Tolykbaev, a school graduate, edited by teacher S.J.Mashanova.

In 2008, “Piano Compositions of Kazakhstan Composers” were published by G. Oinarbaeva and G. S. Zaripova. In 2010, “Piano Compositions of Kazakhstan Composers”. The active search of E.S.Babykov and G.S. Zaripova was supplemented. It is worth noting that these treasures were used not only inside the school, but also in all music schools throughout the country. Graduates who have received a high-quality education and mastered the basics of playing the piano now make their name famous not only in their country, but also abroad.

Currently, the department is headed by S.K Abdrakhmanova., E.V Shapovalova., D.M Samaldykova., B.A. Zhunusov.., G.A. Oinarbaeva., G.T .Kozhakhmetova., G.S. Zaripova.,. . Such qualified specialists as S.G. Toremuratova, M.N. Mendigalieva S.A. Abaidildanova, L.M. Berdinova. Also young teachers D.A. Orynbekova, E.B. Karibaev, A.Yu. Mukasheva, A.N. Akramkhanova, K.B. Egimbaeva, Yu.K. Botabaeva, A. Kazbekova, A.B. Kurmanbaeva, K. B. Malikaydar are wanted.

Most teachers are led by I.I. Rappoport, G.A. Allanazarova, B.T. Tulegenova, E.V. Shapovalova, J. Omarova, B.A. Zhunusov, G.A. Oinarbayev, Awarded with Diplomas of the trade union organization, school administration. “A letter of thanks” from the school administration, “Certificate of honor” from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Turemuratova SG, Samaldykova DM, Oinarbaeva GA, Zhunisov BA), Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic Kazakhstan “Excellent in the field of culture” (breastplate) Zaripova G.S. He was awarded.

In conclusion, the compulsory section of the piano is a collective united by a goal, united by a goal, living in unity, united with the aim of training top-class musicians of Kazakhstan.