Independence Day Concert

December 3 at our school a concert dedicated to Independence Day.

The beginning of the celebration was welcomed by the director of the school, Ashirov Nurken Nurgalievich, who said that this is a great concept of independence, we must evaluate every stone of our homeland and look with confidence tomorrow that this day will be for our young state – a single country, solidarity and peace, and also for this day, generation. Memorial Day of our ancestors.

What happened to the Kazakh people so far? World wars, uprisings, famine, the Great Patriotic War and the current 33-year history of the December revolution. 28 years have passed since he experienced such troubles and tragedies. Independence is a sweet victory with bitter sweat. Great day of blood, immortality of the soul. We are freed thanks to the courage and unity of our nation, the courage of our heroes, the wisdom of our wise people, the energetic spirit of youth and the calm and energetic attitude of young people to the destructive actions of December. That is why this holiday was celebrated more important than the New Year – it is a holiday of true hope for the future, and this week lessons were held in an open school for the young generation to learn more about the history of the young generation and to develop a sense of patriotism.