Boarding school

Parenting is the main thing for children at school. The future citizenship of a teenager is closely related to boarding education. No matter how difficult and responsible educational work is, it is so respected. The teaching staff took on this task. Giving students good food from a remote area, from a village, they feel excitement and sweat like a mother.

The boarding school has 19 tutors (2 part-time tutors). All of them are highly educated and qualified specialists. There are 16 tutors on a day shift, 4 tutors on a night shift, 1 tutor on a Sunday shift.

We have teachers who work tirelessly to educate and educate students. These are the leaders of the boarding school K. Temirbekova (“Honored Worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan”), N. Askarova, M. Sadykbekova (“Excellent student of the education of the Republic of Kazakhstan”), Muraskaliev G., Bekimova D., Kuanyshbaeva M., Atabekova G. , Raimkulova Yu., Raimkulova B., Mamyrbekova G., Kentibaeva L., Isaeva G., Dalisheva N., Temirbekova Z., Rakhimbergen K. Night teachers: Zhanatleuova S., Alpysbaeva A., Zhanpeisova A. Sunday teacher: T . Dinzhanova

A boarding medical service is also organized. The chief doctor is Tulepbergenova GB, the nurse is Saurikova Sh. There are also two libraries. Librarian G. Abilkasimova (reading room), note – Z. works closely with children.

Boarding school No. 235. 131 of them are girls, 104 are boys. The boarding school has 54 bedrooms, 2 games rooms and 1 dining room.