Concert Department

With the opening of the A. Zhubanov Republican Music School in 1964, the teaching staff of the accompaniment department was small. Over time, the number of students in the school increased, and the number of teachers in the department increased.

Alanazarova G.A., Manzhosova T.I., Scherbakova L.N., Minina L.L., Sinyakova G.A. worked hard on the upbringing and education of young performers as the first concert directors of the department.

Qualified teachers such as F.Z. Amanturlina, E.S. Valieva, G.A. Rysdauletova, R.S. Tulemisova, M.N. Mendigalieva, E.I. Shalkova, S.K. Abdrakhmanova, continued their work. which helped students become winners of various competitions.

Graduates return to their home school after graduation, and the teaching tradition has become a tradition in our school. Among such teachers are B. Aygalkaev, A. Aydabulov, G. Beisembaev, R. Kadyrkhanov, A. Mukashev, A. Isenov, A. Tashimov, D. Orynbekov, A. Begedikov, G. Mukhamedzhanov, G. Sienbiev, Sh. Kokibasov etc. there is

In recent years, department employees have replenished with the arrival of young specialists. Young specialists A. Tleuberdievna, A. Bektaeva, A. Utetleu, A. Akramkhanova actively participate in the social work of the school.

Currently, the Concertmaster has more than 40 experienced teachers and is one of the largest in our school. The head of the department is Kadyrkhanova R.K.

The department holds the following events:

Concertmasters perform at the philharmonic society, conservatory and school;

Participates in national, international competitions and festivals in Kazakhstan and abroad;

Produces manuals, collections;

Performs exams and tests with students;

He continues to improve his skills and professionalism in a concert. The concertmaster division is one of the strongest teams in the field of teaching the younger generation and training specialists.