Department of general education

55th anniversary of the Republican Kazakh Specialized Music Boarding School for A.Jubanov Over the years, one of the divisions that has been working hard for the upbringing and education of the younger generation is the General Disciplines department.

Zhaniya Mussina, Kausariya Azhgalieva, Bakhyt Kurmanova, Rakhiya Shapakova, Kulgaisha Bakhyt, who instilled in the young generation hope for the future of the child, instilling a sense of hope for the future of the generation, teaching pedagogical and creative skills to younger teachers. It is worth mentioning the names of our teachers, such as Musan Usipbaev.

At present 35 teachers work in the department of general disciplines. Among primary school teachers G.A Zhakisheva, A.S Nusipbekova, T.M Dinzhanova, A.A Janpeisova, G.B Polatova, A.A Ryskulova, J.M Nurdildaeva, A.S Trukpenova; teachers of the Kazakh language and literature N.K Zhirgalanova (Deputy Director for Academic Affairs), Umirkulova G.R, N.S Sultanova, A.N. Amanova; teachers of the Russian language Batyrbekova S.M (the deputy director on educational work), Zharylgasova A.T, M.K Iskakova, English teachers G. Raimova, Z.N Usembaeva, Zhankeva Zh.B. Kadyrtaykyzy, history teacher S.S Kiyakbayeva; teachers of mathematics S.J.Sabyrova, G.Zhagslag, teacher of chemistry D.O Abdulina, teacher of geography K.Darkembayeva, teacher of biology ADKazakbayeva, teacher of physics A.M. T. Tolesh, computer science teachers G.Zh. Zhartayeva, G.A. Bakhty, self-knowledge teacher T.T. Elubayeva,; psychologist M.S. Aksakalova and A.N. Rakhmetolla, A teacher A.S Igimbetov, teachers of physical culture K. Seitov, S.S Omishev, E.A Teachers like nonsense teach and instill in their students a good moral education. The Primary School unit, the Community for the Humanities, the Natural Sciences Association, the Scientific and Creative Association, and the Classroom Leadership Association are regularly working together to share experiences with teachers.

Pupils have repeatedly proved their ability to represent our school, take prizes, and take part in national subject Olympiads, science projects, contests, and competitions.

There is a student-patriotic club “Jas Tolkyn” in our school. Senior members of the club members organized parties, meetings, conferences on various topics, took an active part in self-government, and established creative relationships with students. Among the teachers of the General Disciplines was honored and honored by the school administration, the City Department of Education and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, letters of thanks, honored worker of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, etc. He was awarded the badges.