Choral conducting

It is worth mentioning the names of Beimbet Demeu, Makpal Zhunusova, Tolkyn Zabirova. For a long time, surrounded by clapping and respecting the work and talent of our people, which has become a favorite among the representatives of art. However, if someone knows that behind fame, they have a share of teachers from the choral conducting department of the Republican Specialized Music Boarding School for talented children named after A. Jubanov.

Opened in 1964, a boarding school for gifted Kazakh children set a life path for applicants from a distant village. In addition to the instrumental sections, the choir conducting department, which was part of the theoretical composition, also posed a very important task. Teacher-conductors expanded their understanding of young talents and stimulated their interest in conducting lessons. First of all, efforts began to strengthen national staff and train choir leaders. The assignment was entrusted to teachers of the conservatory, the famous choreographers of the republic T. N. Nurymbetov and B. S. Kutunov. T.N. Nurymbetov headed the department for ten years, and in the 1970s he created a professional children’s choir. He did his best to continue to prosper.

In 1975, according to the decision of the school administration, due to the growing number of children, the department was divided into separate ones. V.N.Mamizerov has been approved for referral. Undoubtedly, a talented teacher in love with his profession, a talented teacher V.N. Mamizerov gathered entrepreneurs who can work with children around them. The most experienced teachers were M.R. Zhardemalieva., T.A .Sabitova., recently graduated from students of the Conservatory Yu.Totanova, A.A. Zinalalieva and N. Kharchenko. It was during these years that the school’s choir, under the direction of M.N.Mamirezov. The concert activity of the collective includes many government concerts and television shows, radio songs and festivals. In 1978, at a government concert at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow, a solo concert by E. Rakhmadiev “Poem on the Constitution” was performed.

Of course, the leader has a big influence on the success of the choir. Choreographers are taught not only to master the technique of conducting, but also the ability to read choral scores and practice the correct pronunciation. Formation of a teenager as a strong personality in his business. Teachers of the department achieved these goals through individual lessons to unleash the creative potential of the child.

Graduates of this school are the result of their efforts. For example, B. Demeu – conductor and artistic director of the State Choir of the Choir. B. Baykadamova, K. Asanaliev, G. Aluakasova, K. Baimuldinova, Yu. Sakibekova, A. Sultanov, B. Abirova, D. Saimasaev, A. Ahaev G. Baizhunusova, Zhamikanova, R. Baltieva and others continued to work in as a teacher. The professional base created by the department staff allowed young graduates to enter universities not only in the country, but also in Russia and Europe. For example, T. Zhartibaev (teacher Yu.Totanova) – graduated from the military conducting department of the Moscow State Conservatory named after P.I. Tchaikovsky, now a military conductor of the State Wind Instruments of the Republic of Kazakhstan. G. Zhamykanova 147 is a graduate of the Richard Strauss Conservatory in Munich and continues her creative activities in Germany. E. Duisebaeva (teacher K. Baimuldinova) – graduated from the Kazan Conservatory in the hands of the national artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Tatarstan, Professor F. Mansurov. D. Tuleev (teacher Yu.Totanova), L. Shakenova (teacher L.R. Zhunusova) – students of the Moscow Conservatory. K. Kural (teacher Yu.Totanova) – studied at the Moscow Academy of Vocal and Choral Art named after V.S. Among the graduates were such composers as B. Oralbekov (teacher Yu.T. Totanova), T. Andosov (teacher N. Kharchenko), professors Z. Kasymova, T. Zabirova (teacher Yu. Totanova). This list can also be supplemented by children from other departments. In the end, choir lessons are taught in grades 1-4, and then included in the school curriculum. In this regard, special curricula were developed for primary and secondary school students.

In different years, the leaders of the children’s small choir N. Kharchenko, Yu. S. Totanova, A. A. Zinalieva and the leaders of the high school choir – Mamizerov V. N., Kharchenko N. Yu., Baimuldina K. T., Sh. K. There were Burkitbaeva, L.R. Zhunusova, E.K. Duisebaev. From 1995 to 2013, the senior choir was led by A. Akhayev. Alfiya Berikovna made a bold creative move with the performance of the school choir named after N. Kharchenko in front of the Concert Building of Kazakhstan with 148 Ak Tilek organizational choir. Excerpt from M. Tulebaev’s opera Birzhan and Sarah, T. Yuzhaliev’s songs Soyuz, A. Zhubanov’s opera Karlygash, White Dove, A. P. Borodin’s opera Polovtsky Platsky, Prince Igor, V. A. Included in Mozart’s choral repertoire, such as Mozart’s “Regina coeli” and Vivaldi’s “Gloria” cantata. The work of the Department of Choral Conducting of the Almaty State Conservatory named after A.M. Kurmangazy.

In 1994, on the initiative of the president on behalf of the Ministry of Culture at the school. A.Jubanova was created by a choir of boys named after A. Tulek, which contributed to the growth of prestige of the choral conducting section. Karlygash Baimuldinova, a school graduate who studied with V.N. Mamizerov, was recognized as the supervisor of studies. In a short time, the repertoire was formed and performed at events organized by the Ministry of Culture in honor of the 150th anniversary of Abay. For 25 years, the Ak Tilek Children’s Choir has not attended school or government concerts. Since 2019, Lyazzat Zhunusova has been leading the men’s choir.

The department of choral conducting, currently headed by A.B.Ahaeva, is a single group that brings together different musicians in one genre and style. G.S.Totanova, A.B.Ahaeva, L.R. Zhunusova, A.Tubazhanova, N.Kasymov are constantly working on the development of the department of choral conducting.K. Baimuldinova  – conducting and teaching choral scores, G.S.Totanova – choral conducting and choral design, A.B. Ahaeva – teaching practice, choral class and program of choral composition. Successful tours to Bishkek and Turkey, where students of the department performed at choral Olympiads. D. Tuleyev, L. Shakenova, M. Kulniyazova, K. Mukazhanova, N. Zhunuskhan, A. Zhusupova, T. Abdigulova, K. Eseeva, A. Kudaibergen, G. Mynzhasarova won prizes. For 55 years, leading teachers of the choir have been perfecting methods of musical education, taking into account the characteristics of children’s voices. He works on the timbre of each student of elementary and senior grades and a choir of boys. Forms the ability to hear and remember in the rhythm of music. There are various tasks for the development of performing arts. The poetic text is remembered and the ways of creating art are explained. Thanks to such painstaking work, art stars will continue to be filled with bright stars!