Violin and Viola Section

Hundreds of professional musicians were trained on the violin and in the violo section of the Kazakh specialized music boarding school for gifted children named after A. Jubanov, who increased the number of Kazakhstan laureates in prestigious competitions. Most students subsequently became famous performers. There are also those who combine their creative pursuits with teaching. They were the founders of the department P.L. Nisman, I.B. Kogan, F.D. Mauritius, V.T. Nogai, V.S. Dyakov, Yu.P. Galushkin, V.M. Anashkin, L.N. Dudnik, D.A.Smolentseva

Since the founding of the Department of Violin and violo, efforts have been made to develop a performing, artistically oriented attitude towards students. I developed the skills of performing individually with each child and performing in the ensemble. Teachers of the department, such as V.T. Nogai and V.S. Dyakov, were very attentive to their repertoire, creating ensembles of violinists. Young musicians with a growing level of performance not only performed on the school stage, but also began to attend concert venues. The hard work of leaders, the activity of talented children, solidarity and understanding gradually brought the children’s team to the level of popularity.

The appearance of the ensemble in the 1970s, led by the famous musician and teacher I.B. Kogan, increased by 71. The number of students increased, and the complex included repertoire. Preparation was strengthened because government concerts were a big responsibility. In 1972, the violin ensemble performed in Tashkent as part of the Days of Culture of Kazakhstan in Uzbekistan. In 1977, he participated in an official event at the Kremlin Congress Center in Moscow, dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the October Revolution.

From 1970 to 2000, a number of highly qualified teachers were trained: Saduakasova Z.A., Ignatenko A.P., Akbarov A.A., Danchenko I.A., Churenova D.M., Kurmanaev A.Z. B. Baysakalov, M. Fradkin, I. Kh. Fradkina, S. S. Zhusupova, E. F. Glebova.

The teacher and student go through 12 years of difficult paths and ways to achieve results. However, string instrument teachers faithfully carry out their work. The best in the field of culture Rakhmetshin, senior lecturer at the National Conservatory. Kurmangazy Takenzhanova R.F., Honored Worker of Culture Bagautdinov V.G., Excellent student of culture Kamalieva Z.E., teachers Myrzagaliev E.Yu., Askarova D.Sh. , Bardashov, I.L. Bardashova, A.T. Isenova, senior lecturer at the National Conservatory. Kurmangazy Akhmetova D.E., teach their students to adhere to the highest standards of academic performance.

“The responsibility for recognizing gifted children lies with every part of the musical education system. Without systematic work, the continuation of tradition and painstaking search, it will be difficult for us to succeed and provide our country with highly qualified specialists, ”said Gaziza Zhubanova.

To date, in the system of teacher education, this problem has not lost its relevance. It is used to inspire children to love their profession and their chosen tool. Without a focused plan from school and faculty teachers, performing arts are unlikely to develop.

A. Duisenbaev, D. Balagumarov, E. Saparbayev, D. Sadvakasov, S. Zhumabekova, A. Kalmakbaev, D. Lany, M. Sokolova, D. Akhmetov, G. Tleugabylov, A. Isenova, A. were masters of the school. Shanbaeva, E.Kasymbekov, A.Utesheva, A.Zhangazina, D.Zhumash – multiple winners of international competitions. Today he works in art groups both at home and abroad. Pedagogical activity is impossible to imagine without independent work. For more than 55 years, teachers of the Republican Specialized Music School for Gifted Children named after A. Jubanova in the field of violin and viola exchange methods with their colleagues, attend concerts by famous artists, expand the space of cultural education, and study the past and present of instrumental performers. wide. Teachers are always ready to share with their students what they learned and saw.